What to expect from us:

Although our business is officially termed "Independently Produced Programming", K & O Broadcasting provides a wide array of support features to ensure that you have the best radio experience possible. The following is a list of products and services available to you at no charge:

Voiceover Talent
Simply provide us with a script for any commercial, introduction, etc. you would like included in your show, and we will produce it for you with our own voiceover talent.

Production Facilities
If at any time you wish to pre-record your show, record commercials, or interview a guest, simply call us and we'll schedule a time for you in our studio.

Air Checks of Shows

Tell us how many cassette copies you would like of your show, and we will see that you/your sponsors get them. (Please allow at least 48 hours after the show airs for processing.)

15-Second Promos
We will alert listeners to the day, time, and content of your show by running promotional ads on your station(s).

Press Releases/Radio Highlights
Notify us of your topics and guests, and K & O will forward the information to 5-10 major newspapers in the Metro Area. To meet newspaper deadlines, we ask that you provide the information two weeks ahead of time.

K&O Programs:


• Discussion of current, recent, and upcoming events
• Play-by-play


• Stock Updates
• Money Management
• Financial Advice
• Personal investing


• Health Strategies
• Vitamin Supplements
• All FDA Approved

Travel & Entertainment

• Zagat's ratings and recommendations
• Vacation destinations and planning


• Biblical text discussion
• Various religions (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox, etc.)


• Legal Rights Discussion
• Legal Advice

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